DJ, Mics and Lights Packages

Nativa Production’s rates are fair, consistent and based on a standardized formula that takes into account only the equipment used and the length of the event. This is part of our commitment to professional integrity and to making as much information available to you as possible. Weddings make up 90% of the events we do, and we put a tremendous amount of time and resources into making sure each wedding is a success. We only perform for one wedding per day, and are meticulous about their planning and preparation.

Package Bulks:

1- 1250W HD sound system + DJs + MC

  • Ceremony Coverage or 2nd Sound System as an Add-on

2- Tower A OR Tower B (Dancefloor Intelligent Lights)

3- Monograms Dynamic and in COLOR! (Dancefloor/Wall)

4- Up-Lights for walls, collumns, any color and brighter than the other guy's

5- Follow Spots Effect for Special Dances & Toasts, Groom+Bride, toasts, performer, etc.

6- Pin-Spot-Lights for Center-Table arrangements, Sweet-Heart table,Cake and Pictures

7- Media Projection System for Photo Montage and Video projection (Slide-Shows)


Add-on services to a DJ Setup:

Accent-Ambient Up-Lighting:

  • Wash lights can be shown anywhere, but it is becoming increasingly popular to accent walls, pillars, and other structural aspects of a location.
  • There are hundreds of fixtures both professional and consumer grade, that create this wash effect using LED lights. Considering that these lights generally use RGB LED’s, you can mix the Red, Green, and Blue LEDs to create just about any color in the RGB spectrum.
  • Up-lighting is very much what the name depicts. Lights are placed on the ground and directed upwards to the ceiling, splashing the desired color onto the walls and dissipating over the ceiling. The splash of color on the ceiling is equally important as the light you see on the wall or column.
  • If used correctly, LED wash lights can turn a room into a very unique and vibrant setting for a wedding reception. Wash lights can be used to provide subtle eye candy for your guests or to transform the entire feeling of your reception.
  • You may be surprised and discover that for a small investment, you can create a very big “WOW!”


Multiple Follow-Spots

  • This effect consists of multiple Spot-lights located at different corners of the dance-floor, remotely controlled in unison; thanks to a proprietary software algorithm, all the lights follow a person or the couple as they dance around.
  • They are used to accentuate a speaker, a performer or the star of the event; such as the bride/groom or a Sweet 16 during first dance and all the special events.
  • This is really one-of-a-kind million-dollar effect (exclusive to Nativa Productions) very elegant and thrilling at the same time.
  • It really gives people something to talk about for a long time.


Groom and Bride's initials on Dance floor:

  • For a sophisticated and trendy touch, project your new initials onto the dance floor or a nearby wall. (The initials should be the first letter of the bride's name on the left and the first letter of the groom's name on the right.)
  • Other available options are to project your names or any customized artwork on white or in color. Call for details :-)
  • Average pricing are $200 Metal, $300 Glass and $600 Color (some restricctions apply).



Media Projection System:

  • 2x 42” HDTVs hung from Trusses near the Dance-Floor area and a GIANT Screen HD Projector; they will display your custom made photomontage (slide-show) and/or live feed from HD cameras when appropriate.
  • A montage of up to 40 of your pictures (made by us) is included in the price, or you can provide yours already finished on a CD.
  • The synchronized music will be played on the main speakers.
Media Projection System
Table/Cake/Centerpiece Pin Spotting:
  • Consider the time you spent selecting the flower arrangements for your affair. Not to mention the cost. So often the lights in a room are dimmed to help create atmosphere and in the process your floral arrangements get lost.
  • Our table/centerpiece pin spotting services provide a great way to enhance your floral arrangements when your venue does not offer that service. There are several ways this can be accomplished so call for more information. You may also consider pin spotting your cake.

Pin Spot

Digital Projection Mapping:

  • Digital Projection Mapping is one of the newest and coolest effects in the market. Projection Effects seen at Universal Studios, Hollywood and Disney World.
  • JPC Lighting (a branch of Nativa Productions) brings to Dallas this super exclusive effect to elevate any event to a whole different level.
  • The potential of this tool is extreme, so don’t be afraid to contact us for details!
Chinese Lanterns :
  • Hanging Chinese lanterns are a unique way of decorating your Wedding Venue and they can also provide the additional lighting you may need in poorly lit Venues.
  • Lighting can diffuse, mask an area, or take the eyes where you want them so we have options to suit all scenarios!
  • Hanging Chinese lanterns can be used alone or in conjunction with other decorative materials to make your Venue extra special. Why not create a focal point of lanterns above the top table, decorate the entrance to the Reception or even create a masterpiece in the centre of the room suspending lanterns at different heights to give the look of a paper lantern waterfall.


Karaoke System:

  • 2 x Extra vocal microphones on Stands for solo singing, or group singing.
  • 1 x Digital Flat Screen Display showing the Lyrics on real time as song is sang.
  • 1x extra mixer with voice compression for best quality + equalizers + voice effects such as Echoes and Reverberation.
  • Over 90,000 different Karaoke Songs from all years and all genres.
  • Average pricing is $100 for the system (some restricctions apply).


UV Panels:

  • One or two High-Power UV Panels(Black Lights) will be included in any Package/System where appropriate. They make whites stand out (specially brides) and add a really cool effect to the party.
  • Average pricing is $100 for the system (some restricctions apply).

UV Lights

Fog Machine:

  • Low-lying fog stays low to the ground similar to a dry ice effect. Uses standard fog fluid and ice cubes.
  • Note: Smoke Detector may trigger with fog.
  • Average pricing is $50 for the system (some restricctions apply).


DJ-sound & Lighting Bulks:



  • 1x up to 12 Feet tall Tower
  • 2x Scanners, Multi colors/shapes
  • 2x Multicolor Stage Wash
  • 1x UV Stage Wash
  • 1x Variable Speed Strobe

Note: Included are a Laptop loaded with Software and pre-programmed Lights Shows and a 512 channels DMX controller.:




  • 1x up to 12 Feet tall Tower
  • 1x 80 Multicolor Beams, Derby
  • 1x Multicolor Laser Effect
  • 1x Chauvet Q-Spot 260 Moving Head
  • 1x 15 Inches Mirror Ball with Color Spot Light
  • Optional Logo/Name Projector or Follow-Spot

Note: Included are a Laptop loaded with Software and pre-programmed Lights Shows and a 512 channels DMX controller.:

Gold Sound (1250W real)

  • 2x EON515XT Speakers on Stands*

*Each one is made of a 15 inches Sub-Woofer with a 525W Crown amplifier, and a Horn with a 100W Crown Amplifier.


Platinum Sound (3250W real)

  • 2x EON515XT Speakers on Bars
  • 1x or 2x JBL PRX618SXLF Subwoofers**

**Each one is made of a 18 inches Sub-Woofer with a 1000W Crown amplifier.


Prices are estimated for a first floor setup with adequate power available and about 4 Hrs play time.

- Note: We always carry back-up and redundant systems, which means that even when something fails your party keeps going smoothly (you would never know it)

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